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We have two dedicated demonstration rooms, one dedicated to music and one dedicated to film …

Why have demonstration rooms? This allows for the opportunity to experience a choice of systems in a living room environment away from the distractions of the main shop floor. No time restrictions so you can choose the right product for you in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

We feel that both music and film offer a lot to our lives and choosing the right system is important to a fulfilling and enjoyable experience at home. Our demonstration facilities are one of the very best in Yorkshire and have helped many people make the right decision.

Call in to experience Beethoven, The Beatles or your favourite film the way it was intended. Have the experience. Call 01482 891375 to book a demonstration.



Good audio, better audio, best audio …

We only supply quality equipment from established manufacturers. We won’t supply budget brands or flavour of the month products because in our experience they fall short of the standards our customers demand.

We take a good … better … best approach, where even the entry level equipment we supply still offers superb reproduction and product quality. For customers looking for something more then there is always better equipment available, it’s the nature of the industry. Indeed some of our customers will only consider taking the very best that current technologies and manufacturing permits.

So whether you want something good, something better, or the very best available, we’re here to make sure that you get a premium hifi system that fulfils that.



The ultimate in television and home cinema …

The world of premium home entertainment has gone through a revolution in the past few years. Affordable cinema-quality projection systems have emerged, whilst HDTV and its associated digital streaming and related technologies have gone from strength to strength.

We offer a full range of systems, from superb quality HDTV suitable for family rooms and everyday viewing, through to full projection based systems with audio quality to match the new video technologies.

Whether you want an HDTV solution that is seriously above the average and with surround sound to match, or the luxury of a fully fitted home cinema room with the same level of projection you’ll find at your local multiplex cinema, we’ve got the products and expertise to suit :

Cinema quality projection systems from JVC    

Ultimate HDTV systems from Loewe 

Entertainment for all the family

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Those of you who have listened to and seen the difference a quality audio and cinema system can make are part of an Exclusive club.

You’ve had the Experience, there’s no going back now!

But there are plenty of people out there that aren’t members. And we hope you will help us to convert the uninitiated by suggesting they might want to to sit in either one of our two Demo Rooms (The only one’s within 3o miles of Hull) and Experience it themselves.

As part of The Experience Club we’ll also keep them updated with special offers and information that might help them to get more from life and their love of Music or Film.

We’ll also be seeking out special deals around theatre, cinema, music and special events that you might like to hear about both locally and nationally.

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New Focal Sopra Loudspeakers arrive.

Find out more about SOPRA No.1 and No.2. Building on the heritage of the Utopia range the beauty of these speakers needs to be seen and heard.

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