Make the most of 10% off a Linn Selekt, Akurate or Klimax level streamer! 
The Linn Winter Promotion is upon us until the 19th January 2021. 
Make the most of 10% off a Linn Selekt, Akurate or Klimax level streamer (DS, DSM or System Hub) or 20% off the price of a Linn Surround system. 
A Linn streamer at the heart of a digital playback system could make this Christmas sound magical! Bring your system to life with a Linn network music player. Streaming the latest releases from Qobuz or Tidal or your favourite performance of Beethoven's 5th could make the end of the year something special. 
Enjoy music or movies on the fantastic all-in-one Selekt or the purist audiophile experience with the legendary Klimax DS! 
There is a performance available to capture the imagination of everyone this Christmas. 
If you are interested in listening to any of the products mentioned please come into the store or call 01482 891375 to arrange a demonstration. 
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The New Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond. 
Excellence. Evolved. 
The fabulous all new B&W 800 Series Diamond are now available for demonstration, offering a huge performance upgrade from previous ranges these loudspeakers must be heard! 
If you are interested in having a listen to the new range please get in touch to arrange your demonstration, details below. 
t. 01482 891375 
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