Naim Audio are offering two added value promotions throughout October. 
For the month of October get a free Naim Hi-Cap with the purchase of a NAC 282 & NAP 250 and also a free NAPSC with the purchase of a NAC 202 & NAP 200 combination! 
Controlling the power supply element of a system has been a mainstay of the Naim Audio philosophy since the early days of the company. Supplying smooth low noise power is required to let the preamplifier take care of its main job and achieve improved musical clarity. 
The Hi-Cap can be partnered with most of the Naim Preamplifier and Integrated Amplifier ranges. Its large toroidal transformer and high quality smoothing capacitors ensure excellent performance. The Hi-Cap since 2012 has used Naim's own DR technology first developed for the Statement system. An iconic piece of Naim history! 
The Naim NAPSC is required for all NAC 282 preamplifiers (comes with a 282 as standard) and is an upgrade option for the NAC 202. This compact power supply delivers a clean noise free solution to power the digital circuits of a NAC 202. Removing the electrically noisy parts from the box entirely. 
If you are interested in listening to any of the products mentioned or from any other ranges we stock please get in touch on 01482 891375 or pop into the store! 
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