As always we have been on the look out for new and exciting brands to add to our collection of industry leading products. Over the last few months we have started working with some fantastic manufactures to futher enhance our offering for you. 
Firstly we have some really exciting new digital products for you from AURALiC and Silent Angel. Both of these brands offer streaming options from solid entry level performers to truly high end solutions. The AURALiC offers us dedicated DACS, Transports and Streamers whilst the Silent Angel offers Transports, Streamers and Network switches. 
Finally we have a must have for every vinyl enthusiast, the OKKI NOKKI record cleaner. As any vinyl lover will know the subject of record cleaning can be fairly controversial so we have tried to make it much easier for you. The OKKI NOKKI is an extremely easy to use product with the single button control showcasing this, unlike most of the competition everything you need is in the box. 
If you would like to listen or see any of the products mentioned please contact us using 01482 891375 or 
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