The Koil is a brilliant first step onto the ladder of premium moving coil cartridges. Not content with the stunning additions of Ekstatik and Kendo to the cartridge line up we also have the brilliantly named Koil, a moving coil cartridge, for Majik level turntables. 
Linn has collaborated with Audio Technica to produce this exceptional cartridge. Based on Audio Technica's OC9 series, with Linn specifications implemented to its suspension it really does take it to the next level of performance. 
A great step up for those looking to get on the moving coil ladder the Koil MC is available as a package in the Majik MC LP12 (£3,750) or as a stand alone upgrade (£800) for existing customers. 
Koil Specifications: 
• Stylus Nude Microlinear 
• Cantilever Boron 
• Tracking Force 2.0g 
• Coil Wire Copper 
• Connection Pin diameter 1.2mm, gold 
• Output Voltage 0.4mV @ 5cm/s 
• Recommended Load 100 Ω 
• Recommended Capacitance 100nF 
• Weight 7.6g 
If you are interested in listening to either variation of the Linn Majik LP12 or the new Koil MC Cartridge. Please get in touch using 01482 891375 or 
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