The Selekt LP12 (from £10,570) - This elite level Sondek LP12 sits between Majik and Klimax performance in the Linn range. The turntable is full of precision engineered components sharing mastered design techniques from the upper echelons of the range. Specific to the Selekt level deck are the all new tonearm Arko and moving coil cartridge Kendo
Selekt LP12 Key Features: 
• Kendo – moving coil cartridge with aluminium-bronze inserts, boron cantilever and super-fine line diamond stylus tip 
• Arko – 7075-grade aluminium gimballed tonearm – machined with exceedingly high tolerances and precision 
• Lingo – hybrid internal/external power supply 
• Kore – aluminium sub-chassis bonded to a machined-from-solid armboard 
• Karousel – patented, high-precision, machined single-point bearing 
• Trampolin – suspended feet on an aluminium base board provides additional isolation from vibration 
The Arko Tonearm (£3,000) - Perfectly poised and rigorously refined. The Arko features an ultra stable gimbal platform which sees superb bearing concentricity and alignment. Special care and effort has been used to ensure 7075 grade aluminium is used throughout the arm wand assembly. 
Arko Key Features: 
• Machined aluminium headshell with elongated form factor and slots to accommodate a broad range of cartridges & reduce moving mass 
• Single piece, polished, stainless-steel through-spindle for improved alignment and stability 
• Precision machined slots on counterweight to enable accurate setting of tracking force 
• High-precision, cold-drawn 7075 aluminium arm tube is incredibly stiff and produced to exceedingly high tolerance 
• Gimballed design possesses superb inherent stability and rigidity and results in an improved sense of depth, impact and emotion 
• 7075-grade aluminium specified throughout; providing superior coupling between parts and exceptional dissipation of resonance 
• Machined stainless-steel counterweight with concave face decreases arm wand inertia 
• Optimised to partner with Kendo MC (moving coil) cartridge 
Arko Specifications: 
• Effective Mass 10g 
• Tracking Weight Adjustment 0 – 3g 
• Cartridge Range 2 – 10g 
• Effective Length 229mm 
• Overhang 18mm 
• Offset Angle 24˚ 
• Pivot to Spindle Distance 211mm 
The Kendo MC Cartridge (£2,800) - A moving coil cartridge that has a nickel coated 7075 grade aluminium body and shares traits of the range topping Ekstatik cartridge. This is truly an example of trickle down technology. Linn engineers have produced a high performance cartridge which retains design principles and an acoustic fingerprint from the Ekstatik. The Kendo utilises a boron cantilever with diamond tip and hits the 7g Linn tonearm sweetspot. 
Kendo Key Features: 
• Rigid, nickel-coated, 7075-grade aluminium body 
• Low-mass and stiff boron cantilever 
• Super-fine-line stylus 
• Aluminium-bronze threaded inserts 
• Perfectly paired with Arko tonearm 
Kendo Specifications: 
• Stylus Super Fine Line 
• Cantilever Boron 
• Tracking Force 2.0g 
• Coil Wire Copper 4N 
• Connection Pin diameter 1.2mm, gold 
• Output Voltage 0.45mV @ 3.54cm/s 
• Recommended Load 100 Ω 
• Recommended Capacitance 1nF 
• Int Impedance 12 Ω 
• Weight 7.6g 
• Compliance 14μm/mN 
If you are interested in listening to the new Linn Selekt LP12 or any of the new upgrades. Please get in touch using 01482 891375 or 
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